Our programmes cover areas in general management, Accounting, Auditing, Secretarial, ICT,Security, Driving, Procurement, Marketing and Agriculture.

Resource Personnel

The team of resource personnel consists of permanent lecturers and others drawn from Public Organizations, upper levels of civil service, top managerial personnel of the private sector.

Mode of Instruction

Apart from lecturing, we do syndicate and seminar discussions, group assignments, role-play simulation, class presentation, case studies, films and field trips to examine at first hand management problems.

Tailored Programmes

Apart from the regular programmes organised by Human Resources and Management Development Institute, in-plant training and tailor made programmes requested by clients and organisations are mounted.

Location & Facilities

Our training programmes are normally non-residential and held from 8:30am to 3:30pm at hotels with first class training facilities, and training centres of organisations interested in in-house training.


Our consultancy division assists clients both public and private to improve upon their managerial practices so as to achieve qualitative results in their operations.

More About Us

Some Words About Our Company

Our focus is tailored towards training and human capacity building as well as developing participants’/graduates entrepreneurial behaviour and competencies in the following core areas:

  • Succession Planning Management.
  • Management And Capacity Building Skills.
  • Finance and Agric Economics.
  • Human Resource Management.
  • Universities and Institutions subject lead reviews.
  • Public Governance Skills.
  • Compliance, Competence and Transparency.
  • Public Relations And Marketing.
  • Gender Management.
  • Human Resources Consultancy.
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